Normal liners


Also called traditional liners , they are tied to the frame by means of screws, though several forms of fixation exist. They can be empty (allen in the liner and coil in the frame), threated (allen in the frame and coil in the liner) or collisioned (to allow a readjustment when these are repaired and lose the original measure). On the upper part, the liners are fixed to the frame by means of tips, which exercise descending pressure, in ad-dition these can be supported on a step in the frame to improve the fixation.
On the wings of the liners, is mechanized the exit, to allow the extraction of the piece after the pressing. In addition these can be made with or without eyelash, which is the element that generates the separation between pieces. If these me-chanizes are made in both faces of the liner, it receives the name of reversible liner, which cannot be supported on the frame and it is used in reversible frames.


COMPLET CLOSE BETWEEN RUNS                                                                             REDUCE FOR EXIT OF POWDER                                                                                              

In MOLCER it is aplied a mechanize                                                                                It consists of the mechanize of a
by means of court by thread that                                                                                    groove below the content of
generates an eyelash in the li-ner of                                                                               powder of the mould to facilitate the exit
lace with the same section that the                                                                                 of this one without debilitating the liners.
normal liners to obtain a total closing
between liners.