The punches are the elements that grant the form to the faces of the tile. They are made of F-114 steel and the zones most exposed to the wear are reinforced by means of cords of weld of steels of great resistance that are rectified to the established dimensions. Generally the surface of the punches redresses in vulcanized rubber, which avoids the plaster of the powder and allows the continued functioning of the press. MOLCER produces the Resin that it is applied to all his punches. To the forefront of the last technology in this field, the best co-vering is in use for the best relation quality, duration and benefits, adapting the resin to his raw material: obtaining the ideal hardness and the major resistance. There are cases that the punches are in use without coating. They will be finished polished by means of rectification, to which a process of temperature is applied to them to improve his resistance.

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