Scrapers and Push-rods


Located between the push-rod and the grid, the scraper exercises two functions during the tour of the car-filler on the mould. The first one is make up in homogeneous form the powder once filled the alveoles, and the second one is to eliminate the remaining load obtaining the wished compaction. In MOLCER there are made scrapers of several tipologías and forms depending on the needs of the client. They are formed by a calibrated platen covered by a vulcanized rubber that increases his permanence, it diminishes the wear and facilitates his repair.







The push-rod is tied to the car-filler and is the manager of carrying out the extraction of the pressed piece. It is made of a base of steel covered with a rubber specially designed to prevent that the Green piece be blunted during his extraction. Depending on the needs and the number of rows of the mould there are made several types of push-rods, which are grouped in:



Simple push-rod
It can be made by backside
rubber or fluted rubber, and used for
moulds with only one row.




Double push-rod
It is used in oblong moulds
with double row, allowing the extraction of
all the pieces without taking
place contact between them.





Molcer´s push-rod
The principal difference
opposite to the rest is
that it is not tied by
means of ears, but it is
inserted directly in a
ditch of the car increasing
his permanence.